The Danger of Flare Pit and the Use of Flare Multipoint Ground

Nowadays, in the era of technology, oil companies have grown so much. People are now enjoying the easy life because many companies can provide what people want. But it cannot be avoided that there are some side effects on the environment because some companies are not capable in providing industry which is friendly to the ecosystem. One thing that comes in mind talking about it is flare pit. Flare pit is a pit used for the storage of liquid hydrocarbon in oil industry. In fact, there are some dangers in having this pit instead of other storage methods.

The Danger of Flare Pit

Some dangers of the flare pit that can come up are:
1. Hazard the migratory birds
Flare pit may be set like a small pond of the mixed liquids. Thus, some migratory birds may come and they can get the oil stuff. They can die because of eating some stuff contains oil or they can also get the liquid on their wings and prevent them from flying. Moreover, if they inhale the toxic hydrogen sulfide, they can have a real problem in breathing.

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flare pit

2. Hazard of burning
Since it is in the shape of pit, there are many cases that the pit is on fire and danger the environment. It cannot be avoided since there is no either wall or separated place to put the liquid.
Another danger of having the flare pit is the impact to the ground. The waste oil liquid will be a problem for the soil and it cannot have its main function for planting. So, it will be better to use multipoint ground flare. The waste oil liquid and gas are put in a safe place and it is burned in the air. Some dangers of the flare pit can be solved easily by this method.

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