What’s So Special about Thermal Oxidizer?

Basically, it is generally known by people all over the world that the term flare will be mostly associated with high energy and high potential risks of powerful device. Usually, this flare tip will be built at least about fifty meters from the ground in order to create great clearance from the ground and minimize any fatal incidents. In the flare system, there will be several tiny parts which have their own function including this thermal oxidizer. Later, it is generally known as a thermal incinerator or thermal oxidizer.

The Effectiveness of Thermal Oxidizer

Actually, the main function of the thermal oxidizer or thermal incinerator is to process and control air pollution in those numerous chemical plants so any hazardous gases which can be released during the high temperature process can be minimized. Or, in other words, this process can be used to make sure that those decompose dangerous gases can be released easily into the atmosphere for creating flare control emission. In fact, there are three important factors which can gently make this thermal oxidizer process has become more effective: the temperature, the turbulence, as well as the residence time.

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First of all, the temperature needs to be very high in order to be able to easily ignite the waste gas. Most of the organic compounds can be easily ignited at 590 degree Celsius (1,094F) to 650 degree Celsius (1,202F). Second of all, for ensuring that there is enough time to let the combustion reaction; we use the residence time. And the last, the turbulence is being used to mixture between those hazardous gases and combustion air inside. This typical of simple technology of the thermal oxidizer can be really helpful to input gases which come from the combustion process.

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