What Have You Mostly Not Known about Elevated Flare?

Some people may just feel a little bit strange about the elevated flare term. But eventually, it includes the use of the flare tip which is located approximately thirty meters above the ground. For more additional information, the height of this flare tip system is determined based on the limit being imposed on the ground radiation. It is practically used when the flare system is in its operation mode. In other words, the lower the ground radiation value, the higher the flare tip system in giving mass flow rate.

Different Solutions in the Elevated Flare System

Now let’s get more focus on the elevated flare terms which end up with some different solutions. At first, there is self supporting flare system in which the flare height is just only lower than fifty meters from the ground. The solution will be very easy to erect as well as only requires less installation space. Secondly, there is the guy-wired flare system which is designed with the height of the flare tip up to 150 meters from the ground. Even though the installation space will need a wider area than the self supporting flare system, but the investment of this guy-wired flare system will be lower than any other gas assisted flare for structural flare supports.

elevated flare design

elevated flare stack

elevated flare system

elevated flare vs ground flare

elevated flare

The third solution is known as the Derrick structure which is later called as the optimum solution for any flare system. Basically the height of this typical Derrick structure will be more than 200 meters from the ground. The last but not least, there is Derrick guy-wired structure which is very good in technical and commercial compromise for the installation of flare system packages. This structure is typically designed very high as a result of making large clearance around the area of the flare tip systems. In addition, the most important thing about dealing with elevated flare system is about it is quite dangerous since it is manufactured with high temperature resistant materials.

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