The Risk of High Pressure Flare

There are many risks of high pressure flare. The development of the oil and gas industry reaches the peak in recent years. Despite the fact that world oil prices decline, but we cannot ignore the important role of industry in all areas. In factories, industrial development was significant with the efforts of every manager to the best results.

High Pressure Flare and Risks

Back to the matter of high pressure flare risks, there are many things that can be disclosed. Typically, the company uses high pressure to accelerate the process of burning industrial waste. On the one hand, it is a good thing to support the optimal performance of the industrial mechanism. However, there is one important thing that is associated with high pressure and temperature with the risk of burning.

Well, there are some risks associated with the use of high pressure. First, there is an increase in flare loss. It is a risk that the plant can drain budgets. Production costs would be excessive than usual. At the same time, fuel consumption increases dramatically, and that could affect damage production equipment. Thus, it is possible to change and implement new maintenance costs.

The next risk of elevated flare can affect on emission. In fact, the purpose is to reduce the production costs of burning waste. Also, it should be able to burn waste as much as possible within a certain period. If there is excessive pressure, it will cause a huge waste.

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How to cope with any risks? Certainly, the plant is advisable to use low pressure. Perhaps, it is considered impossible for a large industry. But, it can be managed periodically with scattered areas. With the saving, the plant can anticipate dangerous risk of combustion temperature. That would be a major step to optimize performance and avoid high pressure flare.

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