The Main Functions of Flare Tip You Should Know

In the industrial world, you might know flare tip. They are large pipes towering and belching smoke. Most people do not care about it, since they are not involved or working in the oil and gas industry. As an initial understanding, it helps us understand some of their basic functions.

Flare Tip Functions

So, what are the functions of flare tip? Plants area use it to dispose of waste. When there is much of the rest of the production, and we cannot use it for the next process. So, the next solution is to remove it. Where are we going to dispose the waste? We burn it. However, this is not just about burning the waste and all. The basic problem is how the rest of emissions do not adversely affect the surrounding environment. By letting it absorbed by the soil, it will bring a lot of complicated issues.

The problem is the volume or number of former waste production. That is why we often see it in a natural gas plant, chemical plant, refinery, tools driller, gas wells and oil wells. Here, the plants need flare package, to process the waste efficiently. Also, they use it to lower the pressure in the equipment. Why? If not maintained at the proper temperature and pressure, the risk of explosion is always a threat. So, with the size of long pipes and a certain pressure, all production waste can be managed perfectly. That would explain why each plant should be built in locations far from settlements.

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The security system is an important requirement of the construction of a flare tip. In developing countries, there are some factories that do not manage waste responsibly. That raises new problems such as environmental pollution and security for every worker in the factory. Well, those are reasons to build flare tip.

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