What’s the Difference between Steam Assisted Flare and Air Assisted?

As a matter of fact, when understanding the typical flare assisted systems; there will be two main objects here. Those objects include the flare air based assisted and the steam assisted flare system. Practically, these flare assisted systems are used to reduce smoking because smoking has been known as a result of incomplete combustion. Of course, this incomplete combustion can lead people to a few problems so that it needs to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Difference between Steam Assisted Flare and Air Assisted

In the steam assisted flare system, the air-enriched formula is injected to the vent gas. Once it is being injected to the vent gas, it is hoped that it will lead us to two solutions: the air-enriched formula can help to improve combustion and the steam can help to create more turbulence to the vent gas. Then, this additional turbulence can be used to mix the air and the vent gas more thoroughly. Moreover, some professional flare operators tend to consider that a little steam is quite good and it means that more steam will be better. The problem will arise if at some points the vent gas become too dilute because of the mixing of air assisted flare and steam assisted, and this condition often called as over steaming.

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Based on the facts declared by the US EPA, the main function of the flare combustion is about to destroy some dangerous compounds like VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and toxic emission from steam assisted flare systems. The US EPA is also declaring that the flare combustion can be very effective to save the environment; even they claim that it is 98 percent efficient. But for more details and guarantee, this research will need to be examined later over the years.

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